Comments from the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors’ Deputies:

“ACHSA is highly regarded … It’s a ‘force’.”
“ACHSA is effective in speaking for its member agencies.”
“ACHSA is a model of how to advocate for its agencies’ clients.”

ACHSA offers its members:

  • Direct access to the Board of Supervisors and their Deputies through ACHSA staff and leadership.
  • The ability to influence child welfare, mental health, and juvenile justice policy in Los Angeles County.
  • Agency concerns can be presented to DCFS, DMH, and Probation.
  • Input into the negotiation of the boilerplate contracts with DCFS, DMH, and Probation.
  • Each agency has an opportunity for input into contract changes, which then have the united support of all ACHSA Members.
  • Ongoing monitoring of contract implementation and dispute resolution by ACHSA staff.
  • Representation of provider interests at ACHSA Board of Directors and Membership meetings with the DCFS, DMH, and Probation Department Directors, as well as regular meetings with Department executive staffs.
  • Opportunities to share their particular concerns with County Departments as a united Association on a regular basis.
  • Networking with other provider agencies, sharing information and receiving technical assistance on program delivery issues and suggested improvements.
  • A bi-monthly Membership meeting for the purposes of sharing information and identifying ways of solving common problems.
  • Regular receipt of critical information, updates, and materials about relevant child welfare, mental health, and juvenile justice issues affecting service providers.