ACHSA offers its members:

  • Ability to influence child welfare, mental health, and juvenile justice policy in Los Angeles County.
  • Input into important discussions regarding program expectations and contract language with DCFS, DMH, and Probation.
  • Opportunities to share systemic concerns with County Departments, Board of Supervisors offices, and other key stakeholders collectively as an Association on a regular basis.
  • Advocacy, program support, and technical assistance related to service delivery and contract financial issues, as well as ongoing monitoring of contract implementation and dispute resolution by ACHSA staff.
  • Participation in monthly ACHSA Committee meetings for the purposes of exchanging information and identifying issues in need of ACHSA advocacy.
  • Peer support opportunities with other member agencies to discuss areas of common interest, share best practices, and problem solve operational issues through Committees, ad hoc workgroups, and Peer Support Groups for key agency staff.
  • Participation in regular forums for CEO/EDs to discuss and strategize ACHSA policy priorities, as well as to network and build relationships with other member agencies.
  • Access to critical information, updates, and materials about child welfare, mental health, and juvenile justice issues affecting providers through comprehensive biweekly newsletters, member alerts, and Committee attendance.


ACHSA member agencies are non-profit organizations contracted with DCFS, DMH, and/or Probation.

Membership inquiries can be sent to